Thursday, 5 August 2010

Carli Adby (Louis, Me and Nettle Tea)

Carli Adby presents Louis de Gama's exquisite collection in a series of beautiful photographs. Carli's pure talent, enthusiasm and professionalism are clearly recognisable in these elegant dream-like images.

Carli says that, "the inspiration really came from stumbling along the location one day and just finding it truly amazing, something old, derelict and abandoned which held so much life once. It was beautiful because of its setting in tall poppy fields and stinging nettles, but also because of the joy it once held. There was a shed that had some children's toys in it, a giant fibre glass candle, a broken rocking horse and a few old boats. It was like looking at a tatty memory. For me, things like that really spark something! I knew I had to find garments which were soft, feminine and offered a certain amount of innocence and there you were, the perfect combo for the shoot!"

'Running in Heels' picked these beautiful photos up in January 2010 which you can see on their website

We are big fans of Carli's work and were delighted to see her at LdG's Mid Summer Sale Preview! (Carli's photos of this event are to follow!)

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