Friday, 26 March 2010

kate moss wall-Shop
More of Katie Burnett

I absolutely love this picture

W W W. K A T I E B U R N E T T . C O . U K

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Fashion Show in Lithuania
As I promised you these are the pictures from my fashion show in Lithuania. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

S/S 10

For S/S 10 my main inspiration came from the shape of animal's especially the owl. This had led me to juxtapose leather, suede and delicate lace in the shape of the bird's eye for a tight and constructed silhouette, which has voluminous skirts with the use of layered and ruffled chiffons. The collection also features summer coats in fine cotton drill complimented with leg-mutton sleeves and lace bib applications. Another crucial component is floaty dresses that cling to the body, featuring cut out sections and hand sewn bias bidding strips. A consistent palette of olive greens, woodland browns, soft dusty burgundies, beige, ecru, black and white prevail and give continuity to the brand ethos.

A grand finale...

Shoes by Gil Carvalho

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

more of the shop
back stage at the western siberia-ekaterinburg show, my girls looking fierce like hemut newton


As an introduction to my new blog, I thought it would be good to post some pictures of previous collections.Lets start with A/W 2006 !

A/W 2006

photos by Bernd Ott.

S/S 2006

Photos: Prague Fashion week

A/W 07

For A/W07 my aim was to continue with my love affair, the feminine silhouette.
A/W07 comprises three themes:
Femininity, Creative Tailoring and Vintage attire.

S/S 07

Inspired by the romantic side of
a more innocent time, this collection brings modernity to traditional femininity, combining tough leathers and floaty chiffons, contemporary structured bodices and Victorian empire lines.

Fashion week Zagreb

A/W 08

Greatly inspired by the beautiful music of band ‘Beirut’, A/W 08 is a truly intuitively romantic collection


S/S 08

A harmonious fusion of different textures and materials, aimelessly pursuing the aesthetic balance in silhouette and beauty. Vintage lace is sewn by hand to compliment the delicacy of the material, chiffon is forbiddingly added to it and leather is masterly cut to achieve what is surely a beautiful, feminine and eclectic look.

Budapest Fashion Week

A/W 09

S/S 09

the harmonious fusion of different textures and materials, aimlessly pursuing beauty”. Leather, chiffon and lace are the prime tools of the craftsmanship.

photos:Ekaterinburg fashion week

Spring/Summer 2010 photos to follow!

The last few years I had the honour to collaborate with a number of established artists in the fashion industry such as stylists and photographers. These are pictures of some of the collaborations I have done with them!

Return of the
Native A shoot for Sublime February 2010. Amazing job by stylist Katie Burnett, featuring some garments from past seasons!

Katie Burnett:

A Flower Story

This was another collaboration I did with a very talented stylist Shyla Hassan, for ZINK Magazine.

Shyla Hassan:

Bernd Ott
I have been collaborating with the German photographer Bernd Ott for quite some time now. Bernd is this incredibly proffessional photographer i've ever worked with, to the point that even if we are only taking one photo for a preview or test he insists he has to bring his assistant and his crew along!

Bernd Ott:

My favourite shoe's man, the amazing Portuguese shoe's designer Gil Carvalho.We have collaborating for quite some time and all my shows would not be the same without his beautiful platforms!!

S/S 10 Show

Gil Carvalho:


'Modern Vintage'

The first and only boutique in London opened on the 2nd of February 2009. The idea behind opening my own boutique, was to have a space where I could display my collections, a place where Louis de Gama fans can find all of my beautiful creations and be inspired by them. The shop atmosphere and decor blends in with the garments, a little romantic, a little bohemian, fresh flowers,lots of flowers!! candles,coffee and tea on offer and beautifully hand made dresses with a touch of real vintage roughed up with some constructed leather coats and jackets with some gothic and victorian references. Come along for tea!

A shop overview

Presentation in Kaunas-Lithuania- March 2010

Linas the organizer and business partner.This guy has a shop in Kaunas, is a big socialite, knows everybody that's anybody,hangs around with the City Major and is still at school!!
beat that!!!