Wednesday, 30 June 2010

this dress is causing furore, available end of july from the shop, on a small run production!
Kim Bennett own styling! watch this space, this girl will go far! Alexa Chung, Lauren Lavern,Fern Cotton...Kim's coming to dethrone you all! Kim would hate me if she sees this comment! she is sooo sweet!thanks Kim.xx

Some special people weraing some special Louis de Gama's garments! this one is Lisa from Lisa The Italianese wearing(well) a silk and lace . thanks Lisa.x

Thursday, 10 June 2010

one of my favourite photos of all time by Ellen Von Unwert.

The singer Fiona aka Fe wearing the lace bodice dress in the woods

Customer Katya from Moscow wearing the green chiffon short sleeves, pleated cotton and leather jacket available in the shop.

some pics of some friends wearing the clothes and some publications

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Africa on the 13th June

Im off to Luanda, Angola(my birth country) on the 13th June to show my creations for the first time as a special guest!! yuppie!! do not know what to expect , but think it will be ok! im preparing a special show for them!
these pictures are from a Pixie market blog with my beautiful leather cup dress!
Ah, before i forget i have a new jewelry cabinet in the shop of some hand picked pieces i found!it looks great! come take a look! will post some images before i'm off to Luanda! enjoy!x